MEP electro-fusion welding open (plate type) joints

The base for MEP joints is the polyethylene plate with dimensions that are precisely adjusted to the diameter of the jacket pipe. Electro-fusion welding open (plate type) joint can be placed on the pre-isulated pipeline after joining the steel pipes with welds. This makes them a perfect solution for repairs. The MEP joints are suited to every soil conditions, including contamination with oil products. Recommended for use in case of high level of ground water, large number of axial transitions, acidic soils, waste storage sites, etc. The electro-fusion welding MEP joints can be used with constant ground water levels of 0.5m above the top of pre-isolated pipe.

Note: sealing tightness tests shall be performed prior to filing with PUR foam.

The MEP joint set contains:
- polyethylene plate
- ventilation plugs – 2 pieces
- weldable plugs – 2 pieces