MTK1 heat-shrinkable end joints

MTK1 heat-shrinkable end joints with mastic and additional sealing by cross-linked collar (double independent sealing)

End joints are used in spots in which the pipeline ends with a bottom. One end of the joint and the collar are shrunk with use of delicate gas burner flame. In case of insulation of rail connections, shrink the joint on the whole length.

Set of MTK1 joint contains:
- non-cross linked heat-shrinkable joint cover with mastic
- cross linked heat-shrinkable collar with hot-melt visco-elastic sealing – 1 piece
- ventilation plug – 1 piece
- weldable plug – 1 piece

MTK1 joints wrapped in white LDPE film and should be stored and transported in upright position to avoid ovalization. Maximal
temperature during storage and transport shall not exceed 40°C.