MTF1 heat-shrinkable cross-linked flexible elbow joints

MTF1 heat-shrinkable cross-linked flexible elbow joints (Flex Bend type 0-90º)

The MTF1 flexible elbow joint, after previous heating of the flexible middle section allow to shape any desired angle in 0-90 degrees range. In case of unforeseen collisions or obstacles during construction of heating pipeline, they allow the change of its course.
MTF1 elbow joint can be used in all soil conditions.

Set of MTF1 elbow joint contains:
- joint cover with elastic middle section.
Joint’s ends internal surface are with hot-melt visco-elastic sealing.

Additional accessories:
- ventilation plugs – 2 pieces
- expanding, inserted plugs, two-parts, with mastic sealing ring – 2 pieces
- heat-adhesive protection patches (FOPS), protecting from infiltration of moisture through openings for foaming – 2 pieces

MTF1joints are wrapped in white LDPE foil and should be stored and transported in upright position to avoid ovalization. Maximal temperature during storage and transport shall not exceed 70°C.
During assembly of the joints components of polyurethane foam (PUR) are to be used. When ordering please provide information if the joints are to be delivered together with PUR foam.

NOTE: due to larger volume of the flexible elbow joint the components of PUR foam have to be dedicated for this type of products. Do not use foam designed for standard (plain) joints.